Thursday, February 16, 2012

Published Author Facebook Page Critique

I've chosen to critique the page of published author Michael Cavicante.  He has written three books, including one autobiography which discusses very personal issues of his childhood.  His page can be found at:!/pages/Michael-Cavicante-Published-Author/112747665414820?sk=wall.

The website starts off promising with a great photo of Michael.  He gives his followers something to look forward to in the "About" section which is a successful way to keep people coming back to the page for updates.  There are a few postings that start back in April, the most recent published in February.  Although there is a wide span of time for the postings, not many were made.

The information link on the page is barren.  It is devoid of a bio and fails to provide email or website addresses, such as a blog.   Strangely, there are no friends of the page but 429 people like it.  I'm starting to wonder if people just click the "like" button and move on.  Do they really follow every page that they like?  I know I don't.

Michael is very consistent in discussing his own works, but doesn't show a lot of diversity by promoting other writers and their written works.  For the most part he is very natural in his blog writing but he could do more to improve the social aspect.

The other two authors that I found were Bob Kaplan and Bob Hickman.  Each published writer had wonderful FB pages.  They had diversity and strong social networking.  Their marketing is working because each has a very healthy following.  I didn't choose to critique these two authors because I wanted to give an example of a FB page that was not as developed and needed more work.